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A listing of my published works and appearances.


Thalía (poetry): Spectral Realms #9 [Hippocampus Press]


Morbidezza (prose poem): Spectral Realms #10 [Hippocampus Press]

Gargoyle (prose poem): Spectral Realms #10 [Hippocampus Press]

My Bantam Black Fay (poetry): Speculations: Poetry from the Weird Poets Society 2018

Vampire Vigil (prose poem): Spectral Realms #11 [Hippocampus Press]

The Baleful Beldam (poetry): Spectral Realms #11 [Hippocampus Press]

Night Hag (prose vignette): The Phantasmagorical Promenade [Planet X Publications]


Update 10/18/2019: Performance Poetry, chapbooks and formatting issues

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It has been a while since my last update and so much has happened, and yet nothing has happened. For starters, I finally got my contributor copies of both Speculations and The Phantasmagorical Promenade.

Requisite author pic with my contributor copy of The Phantasmagorical Promenade.

The latter is a sweet collection of ghostly poems and stories edited by Duane Pesice for Planet X Publications. The sublime front cover and interior art is by Mutartis Boswell, the back cover is by Lucy Alvarado. I immediately read the pieces by my friends and acquaintances, which were great, then I moved on to the other offerings. Everything I read was entertaining and I even enjoyed the few bits I have read so far from the authors and poets who were unknown to me. Granted, nothing here is going to give M.R. James a run for his money, but it was all interesting if not straight up spooky fun. I was pleased to find that my personal anecdote, Night Hag, was accompanied by one of Mr. Boswell’s striking skull face illustrations.

Me and my contributor copy Speculations 2018.

Speculations, edited by Frank Coffman for Mind’s Eye Publications, is a slimmer book than The Phantasmagorical Promenade, although it has about as many contributors, most likely the difference in size owing to the difference in content, the former featuring short stories which take up more pages. The cover art as well as the interior artwork are by David M. Hoenig. This collection features work by some of the members of the Weird Poets Society, of which I am a member. I read poems by Frank Coffman and Scott J. Couturier, both of which I enjoyed. Mr. Couturier had shared his poem The Lich-Queen with me some time ago, and it was a pleasure to reacquaint myself with it.

The few other poems I read didn’t move me much and overall the calibre of the remaining work did not seem to be on par with what I am used to in Spectral Realms. I was also upset that despite having gone over it online with the person in charge of the visual aspect of the book, whose name escapes me, my poem My Bantam Black Fay, which opens the book, has formatting issues that messed up the line breaks of about half of the poem. I have since decided to clean it up and submit it to S.T. Joshi at Spectral Realms to see if I can get it printed properly.

In other news, Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark is just about ready for the printers. I am only waiting for Denisse to set up the Table of Contents and complete the cover art. It may take some time to scrape up the money for the printer, but hopefully it will be finished before the end of 2019. I also have been thinking a lot about  the recital I was hoping to do for promoting the book. I really want it to be a performance. I have been thinking a lot about this lately and after seeing some live videos of the band Twin Temple doing their Satanic rock & roll show, I really have been chomping at the bit to go out there and give the poetry crowd a dark spectacle like they’ve never seen before. I wouldn’t do anything as overtly Satanic as Twin Temple, but I think our prop table would look very similar. By the way, if you haven’t heard or seen them, I suggest going online and checking out some of their live clips, they are what my friend Sali Z would call amaze-balls.

Twin Temple “Satan’s A Woman” 45 rpm

Update 09/24/2019: Duplicate ISFDB listings & The Averoigne Legacy

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Found out today that I have two separate listings on the International Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB). One with my pen name, and the other with my full name. I need to join up so I can merge these two listings.

Also, Ed Stasheff posted a tentative line-up for The Averoigne Legacy, which I shall post here once it is finalized. Looks like it is slated for an October release.

Update 09/19/2019: Final Revisions for The Fell Fete

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Just sent out the final draft for The Fell Fete. Hope I didn’t miss anything. Mr. Stasheff incorporated my initial revisions and just wanted me to do a quick read-through to ensure that everything looked good. Good thing he did, because there were a few very minor revisions that didn’t take from my last proof-read. I was making corrections on my blog in between calls, so I may not have saved some before I logged out.

I will keep you all apprised of any updates.

The Averoigne Archives (2019, Pickman’s Press).

PS: For anyone who is not familiar with Clark Ashton Smith‘s Averoigne story cycle, Pickman’s Press has published a companion book entitled The Averoigne Archives, containing all of the pertinent tales, which can be found on Amazon. The Spanish language version, Cuentos de Averoigne, even includes bonus translations of the poems The Woods of Averoigne (1934) by one-time Weird Tales contributor Grace Stillman, and To Clark Ashton Smith (1938) by Smith’s long-time pen-pal, H.P. Lovecraft.

Update 09/23/2019

Got my fee for the story, and it has been officially accepted. Now all there is to do is wait for updates on when the book will be available.

Update 09/16/2019: Nepenthe et. al.

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Well, so far there is no news on The Averoigne Legacy. I assume Mr. Stasheff is busy making last minute edits on the various submissions, as he was shooting a publication date around the end of September. This weekend I did read the rough draft for Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark and jotted down some notes for revisions and typo clean up, which I plan to do this coming Thursday when I meet up again with my friend Denisse.

In other news, I had some time to burn this morning, so I went through one of the many boxes cluttering my living room floor and found the manuscript for an unfinished fairy tale I wrote back in the early 2000s. It is part of the Gothilocks universe and has a guest appearance by Amos from Felo-de-se. It is called Nepenthe: Healer of Sorrows, and I hope to get back to it again soon. I read it this morning, in it’s entirety (at least was is written so far, some 10-15 un-numbered pages) and was quite pleased with what I saw. More on that as things develop.

IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge 2019

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Aside from being a very talented artist, my buddy Baron Dixon is a independent filmmaker. Baron has acted in independent film vignettes by other filmmakers and he has a pet project, Tyrannovision, a Sci-Fi web-series in which he plays multiple characters. For more info on that check out his site at  Anyway, he is currently working on a project for the IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge. Participants must create a 6 minute film (1 minute of it credits) using certain props, shots and a specific line of dialog and they can only start work within a certain time frame, so it is really on the fly. After a few seemingly major setbacks and hiccups (including a last minute location change) Baron was able to assemble a good crew of actors and contributors and this weekend he filmed the basic scenes for his entry Wasteland, a dystopian, action comedy (think of Mad Max meets The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and you’ll get the idea). Rand Lyons and Dick Kelly helped put together the costumes and props as well as acting multiple parts and I was even given the part of a tribal shaman, which was a blast to play. There isn’t much about the challenge on the IFP Phoenix website (, and we are not allowed to share any photos or details until the movie debuts, but when I have more info and permission to share pics, I will, because Rand took some amazing photos that I am chomping at the bit to post!

Update 09/06/2019: Morbidezza chapbook and revisions for Fell Fete

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Last night I sent out my revisions for The Fell Fete to Mr. Edward Stasheff of Pickman’s Press. Once they are approved and finalized I will receive payment and the story should appear in the Averoigne Legacy due out by the end of the month, if all goes according to plan.

I am also still working with my friend Denisse Montoya on my chapbook Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark, which should be ready just in time for Halloween.

Update 08/23/2019: Work begun on Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark

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Last night I met up with my good friend Denisse M. and worked on the layout for my proposed chapbook, Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark. It was really impressive to see her work. I know diddly about computers and she deftly maneuvered her way between different features and came up with a handsome looking layout for my stories and verse. We selected an interesting font which will most likely grace the cover. I have tried many times in the past to have artists do illustrations for me and have been unsuccessful. They always start out pumped then lose interest or get distracted before the project is done. I have no patience for it anymore. I would love to see my work illustrated some day, but for now I am content to just get it out into the world.

The table of contents is as follows:

I. The Sanguinary Saga of Morbidezza Vespertilio, Vampiress: A) Morbidezza (B) Vampire Vigil (C) Kiss of Life

II. A Witch & a Werewolf: A) The Baleful Beldam (B) Rosaire, Master of Wolves

III. Afterword: Tales from a Brother, Grim