7 Minutes in Heaven 06-23-12

I know I’m a little late in reviewing this, but I guess I got a little lazy after the show and kept putting off my usual postmortem review until now, when I have another show imminent.

What I recall from this show isn’t much, sadly. I recited some lyrics from my days as a front man, choosing one lyric from each band I was in. From the folk duo the Gloom Twins I read “A Little Darkness”, from Fire Pig I read “March of the Fire Pig”, for the Dark Young I chose “Tetragramophone”, the final verse of which I actually growled, much as I would have if I were “singing” it with the band behind me. Lastly, I chose “Ride My Grill” from 40 Grit/Rumpleforeskin, which I read but softly sang the chorus for effect. Unfortunately, as I was coming to the final drones of the chorus I was cut off by the emcee.

People seemed to dig it though, and I got a lot of nice comments from folks afterwards.


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