Words in the Alley 02-04-14

Earlier this month I did a feature recital for the Words in the Alley open mic at A Shot of Java, in Glendale. Usually, it starts at around 7 PM with the open mic, then after an hour or so the featured reader comes on and does their thing for 30-45 minutes. I was fortunate enough to be the reader this month (thank you MC Tristan Marshell) and had a swell time. The staff at A Shot of Java are always friendly and their coffee is decent. Many of my associates were there to read and to listen and it made me feel at home. I even brought my cousin Jason along for moral support and he had a good time as well.

I read a selection of pieces ranging from the obscure to my most recent prose piece. I have listed below the poems and vignettes I read I have also included a photo of me reading my Black Light Verse poem, “Manqueller Manque”. There is a video of this (the picture is a still from the video) taken by my friend Heather Smith-Gearns which I shall post if I ever figure out how to transfer it to my blog.

1. The Toilette of Azraelle: my latest prose piece which is posted here in an earlier entry

2. Cumulocirrus Phantasmagoria: an old piece of mine which I haven’t read in public since the 90’s describing the panoply of images I saw in the clouds outside my window a plane ride to Florida.

3. Ode to Stout: like it says, a tribute to stout ale

4. Witch’s Tit: I got one–true story

5. Manqueller Manque: a would-be killer fantasizes about murder

6. Luvian’s Pelt: a Victorian werewolf story in couplets

7. Skull in an Ice Cream Cone: Comes in 13 flavors including disabusal, despair and doom

8. Thalia smacks her lips and sighs…: a vampire muses on her fate in terza rima

9. Black Hymeneal: my love song for Azraelle

Me @ Words in the Alley (A Shot of Java,in Glendale) reading

Me @ Words in the Alley (A Shot of Java, in Glendale) reading “Manqueller Manque”.


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