“Sor María and the Devil, Luzbel”

Here’s my latest poem inspired by the Mexican Horror-Nunsploitation film “Satanico Pandemonium”

Lobby-card from

Lobby-card from “Satanico Pandemonium” featuring Luzbel offering an apple to Sor Maria

Sor María has been noticed: for her purity and piety
She has been noticed: for her open heart and godly deeds
She has been noticed: for her healing hands and comely face

Sor María has drawn the eye of the devil, Luzbel
She has seen him lurking in the shadows
She has seen him peering through the windows
She has even seen him in the cloistral icons and in the watchful eyes of his familiars

He has appeared to her as a sky-clad man
He has visited her in the guise of a sister
seeking confidence…and more

He has professed his love for her
He has proffered an apple to her
He has defiled her body with his touch
and polluted her mind with foul thoughts

Sor María is plagued by loathsome lusts and cruel urges she cannot rein
She has left a wake of blasphemy and butchery which she cannot veil

Sor María has been noticed by the Mother Superior, whom she smote, and the Holy Inquisition, which she fears
But in return for her fealty, Luzbel has promised to save her from the salvation through purification of the fiery cross.
He has made her Mother Superior of a convent of wantons for a pueblo of sheeple
All of whom she will lead, in his name, to their doom, in Satanic Pandemonium


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