Night Hag

Late one cold mid-January night, tucked snuggly in my tiny bed in my tiny room in the house that I shared with friends in Medford Massachusetts back in the early 1990’s, I had the most unusual experience, which to this day I am uncertain as to whether it was a supernatural event or just an anomaly of sleep. On the precipice of slumber, I found myself being gradually overtaken by a tingly numbness which spread throughout my body rendering me immobile. This tingling was accompanied by sparks of static electricity that lit up the border of my blanket like a burning fuse which never burnt out but rather kept returning to its initial spark to restart its journey.

Along with the staticky sparkles, a harsh buzzing hum commenced to sound in my ears followed by the horrific sensation of something alternately pressing down on my chest while trying to suck the spirit from my supine paralyzed body. Barely able to lift my eyelids, I glimpsed the glowing green form of a woman that hovered over me, glowering, from the foot of my bed with a pair of oppressive almond eyes.

As I fought to keep my eyes open I saw a man’s tortured face rise up from the base of her glowing mass wrenching into a voiceless scream before retreating to its source. Struggling to keep my eyes open I blinked once, but she was still there; I blinked a second time, but she was still there; finally, after another sluggish blink of my eyes which showed that she had not quite done with me yet, she disappeared as I plummeted into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Old Hag Syndrome

Old Hag Syndrome


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