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Posted in Gothic Poetry, graveyard poetry, personification of death with tags , , , , on August 14, 2014 by Manuel Paul Arenas

My latest poem…”Moribond”

All hail Moribond, killer of kings
The ultimate leveling ender of things
None can escape his fast-felling grasp
Once one’s heartbeat he’s sought out to clasp
Much less avoid the nigrescent haze
Which swirls within his soul-quashing gaze
Wanting of ears he hears not the pleas
As fey humanity beg on their knees
Their solicitations and piteous cries
Rebound off his countenance, haloed with flies
His scythe sounds a ring like the toll of a knell
As it soars through the fated with impetus fell
Then with a swipe of his osseous hands
He gathers the fallen in funeral bands
And onto his shoulders he facilely heaves
The souls of  his victims in black-ribboned sheaves

Note: I have come up with new lines which would come between “…haloed with flies” and “His scythe sounds a ring…” I tried to insert them into the text, but had issues with line spacing, so I’ll just add them here:

“Quailing and quivering, they weep as they retch / From the pestilent bouquet surrounding this fetch /Their viscera heaving in spasmodic wrench / As they choke on his mephitic bone-yard stench”