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Haiku: “Southern-Fried Gothic”

Posted in Ayam Cemani, haiku, Tabuh Rah with tags , , , , on November 26, 2014 by Manuel Paul Arenas

Since my black chicken story, which I prematurely posted then quickly set to “private”, is still cooking in my brain, I offer this haiku as a place holder until I can wrap things up. I call it “Southern-Fried Gothic”: Ayam Cemani Finds a colonel in his feed Tabuh Rah, black fowl.

The Ayam Cemani of Indonesia.

The Ayam Cemani of Indonesia.


Love Song of the Lugubrious Gondolier

Posted in gondolas, Gothic Poetry, Gothic Romance, Love Song of the Lugubrious Gondolier, putti with tags , , , , , on November 7, 2014 by Manuel Paul Arenas

Good night my little darkling,  rest peacefully, sleep tight;

follow the dwindling light, but don’t let the vampires bite

Their mouths besmirched red, though promising life, bear the curse of the undead

Rest easy in your narrow bed, mind not tiny feet, which round the rim tread

Red-hot-skinned putti, threshing webbed wings; coriaceous and sooty

Whose sole, solemn duty is to safe-keep and guard a moribund beauty

Black vitric stars die when you close your kohl-ed eyes,

their unison cry is doused in your mortal sighs

Black lustrous locks spread upon the bolster beneath your head

Their jetty strands thread into the penumbrae your dark dreams shed

Lest I appear to be remiss, pray, allow me this last good-night kiss

Upon your lips–a moment’s bliss!–ere you plunge into the abyss

Fret not my dying dear for I shall deftly punt and steer

Your anima from what you fear, as  a psychopmop-cum-gondolier

O’er the vast and Hadean streams, the lake of fire that carries and breams

Our funereal ferry, past groping teams of bedeviled souls as you lull in their screams

A Venetian funerary gondola from the 1930's.

A Venetian funerary gondola from the 1930’s.