At Hecate’s prompt, Hell-Flower blooms

Ray florets open awash in streams

Of moonshine splayed across crumbling tombs

Dappling headstones in argentine beams

Bathing in lunar luminescence

Wafting in fetor of Hellmouth breath

Perfumed airs of graveyard putrescence

The potpourri of decaying death

Drawing nourishment from fallow ground

Fecund yet foul, beyond potter’s field

Stretching its roots in unhallowed mound

Cornucopia of unclean yield

Puce petals frame disc-flower death’s-head

Smiling with teeth absorbed from the soil

Cooing in tones to fill one with dread

Wriggling amidst its charnel spoils


One Response to “Hell-Flower”

  1. So beautiful and dark… I love it.

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