The 5th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Party (08/20/2015)

Last Thursday night, I participated in the 5th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Party, at the Trunk Space, on Grand Ave in Phoenix. Since it’s inception, I have been a featured guest at all but one show, if memory serves me. The event was started by the Cult of the Yellow Sign, but when the main duo behind the cult went their separate ways, t was taken over by Ash Naftule, who has kept it going since. Every year, he rounds up the usual list of poets, performance artists and musicians then adds a couple of new acts to keep it fresh. The roster this year included The Klute, Lauren Perry, Troy Farah, Charlie Steak, Neil Gearns, Richard Bledsoe, The Arcana Collective, and yours truly.

Emceed by Crafty, The Cosmic Horror Clown, the acts were interspersed with Lovecraftian trivia games, charades and mythos inspired calisthenics. I myself won two prizes for my responses to Crafty’s trivia questions, one of which was a lovely journal with an octopus design on it, and the other was a kitschy owl statuette with a baby-doll head, the effect of which comes off as a creepy looking baby harpy.

Me and my prize harpy!

Me and my prize harpy!

In recent years I’ve taken to reading short pieces by Lovecraft so people realize what and whom we are celebrating, lest we forget. This year I read “Nyarlathotep” the ominous prose poem that introduced the malign entity to the world back in 1920. For an online copy of said poem, go here:

Me, reading Nyarlathotep.

Me, reading Nyarlathotep.

All in all, I had a great time and got to catch up with many of my friends from the local poetry scene whom I hadn’t seen in some time. Also, in one of the hand outs, Ash wrote bios for the performers and mine was so good, that I am going to use it for my upcoming poetry collection, “Black Hymeneal” (more to follow on that in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!).

There was a photographer from the Phoenix New Times at the event, Benjamin Leatherman, who took copious snapshots, including the ones I’ve used here, some of which may be seen on their website, here:

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