Remembrance of Goth Girls Passed

I recently had a memory resurface which may explain my literary fixation with young female heroines and the Latino Goth aesthetic. It was somewhere around 1996 and I believe I was on a bus riding down Sunset Boulevard in L.A. when outside my window I spied a pretty young Latina girl, barely in her twenties, coming out of a storefront. I believe she was accompanied by another girl, but what stood out about this young woman was her look. She had a diamond shaped face and her coloring was similar to mine: sort of tawny hued. She sported her black hair in a chin-length bob cut which looked like it had grown out a bit and she was apparently having fun with her companion because she had a playful grin on her face.

I believe she wore a dark colored folksy dress which I cannot recall with any clarity, although it did remind me of some of the folk dresses I saw in Mexico during my stay there in the 80’s, and I think she had some heavy duty boots on as well. The thing that does stand out though was her coat. Despite the sunny weather, she had on a purple colored brocade coat which came down to her calves. This is what tied together the whole look for me. The color looked washed and thinking back it may have been done with a natural dye, perhaps a Tyrian purple. She looked like something from another time, yet still contemporary. She was folksy but with a definite Gothic bent, while still maintaining her identity as a Latina. I realize that my description may come off as just bohemian chic, but there was a decisive Romanti-Goth vibe to the ensemble.

I recall that I was so struck by her because I had never really linked the two things together before in my mind. I was familiar with the Romantic Legends of 19th century Spanish writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, some of which are Gothic in essence, and the macabre sensibilities of the Mexican folk beliefs always fascinated me but I never thought of any of it in relation to the Gothic aesthetic in the modern sense. Since seeing this young woman, however, it has been an idée fixe in my subconscious and has through time metamorphosed into the raison d’être behind my creative output. That being said, I still didn’t get the notion to pursue that route artistically until I saw the Casanegra DVD releases of the classic Mexican Horror films of the 50’s & 60’s, but that’s another story…


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