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Update: Rosaire influences

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While brainstorming for my prose-poem, Rosaire I envisioned an epic denouement which I thought was entirely of my own invention. It wasn’t until I began to picture it in my mind’s eye when I realized there was a whiff of familiarity in it. Although my idea isn’t identical to it, I believe the inspiration for my epic ending may be partially inspired by the 3rd act in the Dark Fantasy novel “The Black Wolf” by Galad Elflandsson, which I have reviewed on here before. Mr. Elflandsson stumbled upon my review and agreed with my assessment of his novel and we ended up becoming pen-pals. When I told him about my recent epiphany he was amicably dismissive and said, in reference to my post which included a shot of the cover art from his novel, “you poor thing…nevertheless…you’re more than welcome to whatever comes to you from the above…”.

Trade paperback copy of The Black Wolf by Galad Elflandsson. [1980, Centaur Books]. Cover art by Randy Broecker.

I also have some as yet unpublished stories he sent me in the Robert W. Chambers “King in Yellow” vein. I have not read them yet, but shall be doing so once the dust has settled from the holidays, as I would like to review them here. I believe he is currently in negotiations with editor Graeme Phillips to get them published by a British publisher, that specializes in Mythos fiction, called Cyäegha. If and when they do come out in print I will definitely review them here.

Cyäegha, Summer 2016

I also based some of the werewolf attribute details in Rosaire on historical accounts from Montague Summers’ 1933 treatise on lycanthropy, The Werewolf in Lore and Legend. In particular I was thinking of the 17th century teenage lycanthrope Jean Grenier. I am almost done with the story, but not quite. I felt I needed to add something to it before it is ready, and I want to give it some serious thought before I write anything else. Of course, I’ll keep you all posted on any developments.

The Werewolf in Lore and Legend by Montague Summers [2003, Dover Publications]

Update 10/29/2018: Greetings from Krampus

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This past Saturday I went to my buddy Rand’s house where I was met by our friends Dick Kelly and Baron Dixon. They all had holiday plans for the evening, but I showed up there to talk to Mr. Kelly about the Krampus chapbook we’ve been working on. He told me he had a mock-up of the book to show me. It wasn’t completed, but I could get an idea of what it might look like when done. What he showed me was great. It was basically an objet d’art. Once put together, the initial run of the chapbook will come in a little folder strapped in with a piece of leather or ribbon (the mock-up used string). Each page shall feature either a couplet from my poem Gruss vom Krampus, which for the sake of simplicity will be changed to the English equivalent of Greetings from Krampus or an print illustrating a scene. To illustrate, I fortunately have a few snapshots (see below) so you all can see.

Krampus chapbook mock-up, tied with string.

Krampus chapbook mock-up title page.

Krampus chapbook mock-up: “On the heels of blithe St. Nick comes a fellow dark and wild…”.

Krampus chapbbok mock-up: “Horned and beastly, like Old Nick, searching for a naughty child.”

We have enough materials to run off perhaps 100 or so like this, after which Dick shall give me a copy of the template for me to take to a printer for paper copies. As I said, this is only a mock-up version. There will be some changes made, including the title, but these snapshots should give you all an idea of what it will eventually look like.

Update 10/27/2018

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I realized it’s been a while since my last update so I figured I’d check in. Not much of note going on. I have a few pieces out in genre journal limbo awaiting a verdict of yay or nay. I am awaiting word on my poems The Baleful Beldam, and My Bantam Black Fay, and I just sent out my prose piece Nativity in Black to Weirdbook, which I have revised considerably and taken down from the site to keep from being penalized for conflict of interest.

It will probably be a while before I hear anything about either piece, but I am already getting anxious about the outcome.

Hallowe’en falls on a Wednesday this year and I have no plans. I will most likely go home and watch a horror flick and read a spooky story…much like any other night. This Fall I have too many adult responsibilities to take care of and I have no money to spend on fun stuff. Hopefully 2019 will be a more prosperous year for me.

Later today I am to meet up with my buddy Dick Kelly to see the progress on the Krampus chapbooks. I will of course clue you all in on any developments there.

“Gargoyle” to appear in Spectral Realms #10

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I logged into my email this morning to find a response from Mr. Joshi concerning my submission to Spectral Realms of my prose poem Gargoyle. He called it “Splendid”, and said he would like to place it in the 10th issue of the journal. There it shall be in good company with my other prose poem Morbidezza.

Gargoyle began as a response to a lyric in a song from the 1977 TV special Halloween with the New Addams Family. In there they have a line about Gargoyles coming off the walls to frighten you, and I countered that that’s not at all what gargoyles are for, and then I wrote this prose poem. It has changed a bit since I first wrote it sometime betwixt 1990-91, and it was even set to music by my old band The Dark Young, a recording of which may be found on our 1994 eponymously titled debut album. For a listen, go to

The artist who created the logo we used on our album, Felix Rust, also did an illustrated version of the poem, a scan of which is featured below:

Illustrated version of my Gargoyle poem, calligraphy and illustration by Felix Rust.


Update 10/03/2018

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After some deliberation, I have decided that I have wasted too much time on my chapbook projects trying to work with others on making them fancy. I’m going to buckle down just do it myself. I have also decided that I will save some cost and do both of my planned books as a single collection. So instead of individual copies of Black Hymeneal and The Grimoire of the Dark Young, I plan to issue them as one collection under the umbrella of MiscellManny. I may do future releases of my amateur writings under this title.