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Update 01/30/2019: The Baleful Beldam considered for Spectral Realms #11

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I got a response from editor S.T. Joshi on my submissions for Spectral Realms #11. He said he would accept The Baleful Beldam if he could make a minor change in the opening line, which he deemed as containing a *false rhyme. I of course gave him the green light to make the change.

As for Rosaire, he said he hadn’t had a chance to read it yet but thought it might be a tad long for inclusion into the journal, but he would let me know after he had a chance to read it and consult his designer, Dan Sauer I assume, to see how many pages it would take up.

I feared it might be too long, but I replied that if he were inclined to read it, despite it’s length, that I would be interested in hearing his impression of it’s merit. Fingers crossed on that one. Of course, I shall keep you all posted on any further updates.

*”A false rhyme is something that is completely random. A “true” rhyme has the same “consonence” (sic) sound at the end as well as the same “vowel” sound just behind it, like “day” & “way”. A false rhyme may have the same “vowel” sound at the same point but a different “consonence” (sic) sound at the end, like “lamb” & “dan” (sic) It’s done quite a bit in song & poetry. Put another way, it’s an imperfect rhyme.”

[ 01/31/2019]

Update 1/27/2019: New Submissions

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With the official release of Spectral Realms #10, I have just sent Mr. Joshi two more pieces for consideration, my poem The Baleful Beldam, and the prose poem Rosaire, both of which I tweaked a bit before sending them out. He has acknowledge receipt of the pieces and I have my fingers crossed that he will like them. He still has Vampire Vigil, which I believe will be in issue #11. More on this as things develop.

Spectral Realms #10 available for order!

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Spectral Realms #10 is now available for order at and will be featuring my prose poems, Morbidezza and Gargoyle. The cover art, Chiron’s Burden – Pleiades Children by Kim Bo Yung, is the one they had intended to use for the previous issue, but for some reason they had to hold off for a bit, which most likely was the cause for the delay in the release of Spectral Realms #9. I think it looks lovely.

Cover art for Spectral Realms #10. [“Chiron’s Burden – Pleiades Children” by Kim Bo Yung]

Update 01/16/2019: Black Hymeneal and Galad’s new book

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Yesterday I had a few pleasant surprises when I went online at the library. For starters, I got an email from my friend Denisse in which she sent me a draft of the layout for Black Hymeneal. I didn’t even think she was still working on it, but what she sent me looked very nice and the font was gorgeous! I still would like to make some edits in the text since some of the information in the old introductions are outdated. I may also put a gallery in the back of the back featuring the illustrations and cover art my friend Michele Bledsoe did for the original conception of the book.

I also got a message from my friend, author Galad Elflandsson, informing me that his long awaited collection of Yellow Sign tales from Cyäegha is finally coming out and even sent me a scan of the cover art. It is to be called Tales of Carcosa and he said he might be able to procure me a signed copy, and I told him if he could then I would promise not only to read it, but review it on here as well.

Update 01/09/2019: Impressions of Spectral Realms #9

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Just wanted to leave a few thoughts about Spectral Realms #9 while I still can recall them. On the whole, I enjoyed the book. I was thrilled to make my debut alongside some of the esteemed poets in the field, some of whom, like the Dark Poetry Couple, are now friends. Some pieces I liked better than others, with stand outs being Toads by Wade German,  The Song of the Siren by Chelsea Arrington (which felt like a cross between a British folk song and a Classical myth), Scholar and Sorcerer: For S. T. Joshi, on His 60th Birthday  (22 June 2018) by the late Michael Fantina, and We Are the Owls by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. My favorites, however, were Rek-Cocci Stirs and When Black Tom Came, both by  Scott J. Couturier. Mr. Couturier’s poems were little weird stories with vivid macabre imagery and imaginative use of language. I really look forward to reading more of his work, which had a definite Clark Ashton Smith vibe to it.

I also liked the Classic Reprints, particularly The Fairy Changeling by Dora Sigerson Shorter, which had a definite folksy vibe to it. Lastly, the literary criticism, in particular Frank Coffman‘s A New Formalist (a review of Miss Ashley Dioses’ collection Diary of a Sorceress) and Marcos Legaria‘s article Clark Ashton Smith and Robert Nelson: Master and Apprentice: Part I, about Smith’s correspondence with the young poet. I identified quite a bit with this one. Unfortunately, Nelson died in 1935, not long after his second appearance in Weird Tales. I liked what little of his poetry Mr. Legaria shared in the article so I looked him up and found his poem Sable Revery, which made its debut in the September 1934 issue of Weird Tales.

Robert Nelson’s Sable Revery from the September 1935 issue of Weird Tales.

I think he has a bit of a David Park Barnitz vibe, with all that thanatotic imagery. I would like to read his other work but it looks like it’s hard to come by. Apparently most of it was published in The Fantasy Fan back in 1934, which I believe saw a reprint in a compendium of the magazine in 2010 under an independent publisher, but even that seems to be out of print now. I could relate to his struggle to hone his craft as well as his desire for the acknowledgment of his heroes like Farnsworth Wright (editor of Weird Tales) and especially Smith, whose influence can also be seen in Sable Revelry. I believe the article shall continue in Spectral Realms #10; if so, I look forward to the next installment.

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