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Update 04/23/2019: Averoigne Legacy

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I have signed and mailed out a contract to editor Edward Stasheff allowing my story The Fell Fête to be included in the anthology Averoigne Legacy by Pickman’s Press. I am very excited and am anxious to see what it will end up looking like. I had sent out the story a few years ago to an editor out of the UK, for another Clark Ashton Smith tribute, but they never got back to me about it so I assume either the book fell through or they were not interested. The version I am sending to Pickman’s Press, however, is slightly altered from that draft anyway. Honestly, I had tried showing it to other people and no one seemed interested. I even asked my good friend Galad to look at it and let me know his thoughts on it; he was kind in his assessment, but seemed unimpressed, so I dismissed it as a failure and never bothered to take it down with the rest of my poems and tales I had hopes of getting published. Presumably, that is how Pickman’s Press found it; O Fortuna…  I will of course keep you all posted on any updates.

I have also seen some of Savannah’s preliminary sketches for Morbidezza and Rosaire and so far so good!

Update 04/17/2019: Satanic Sonata to be in Spectral Realms #12

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I got my response from S.T. Joshi today and he has accepted Satanic Sonata for Spectral Realms #12! Now I can rest easy until issue #11 comes out. I always like to stay one issue ahead so I remain a steady contributor. I’ve got some other things coming up, but I’ll wait till I have more information before I mention them here.

Update 04/11/2019: The Grimoire of the Dark Young, Satanic Sonata, The Fell Fete, etc.

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Well, I have had lots of stuff going on lately that I haven’t gotten around to mentioning till now. For starters, I asked my old Dark Young brother Mac Randall to write up a little something for the Grimoire of the Dark Young collection and he wrote a lovely tribute. I cannot wait to include it in the chapbook. Now I have to work on putting it together. By the way, in case any of you still care, I am closer to putting out my Black Hymeneal collection. I’m just waiting on my friend Denisse to make a few minor adjustments to accommodate a new afterword I just gave her, then she has to do the cover art, then we should be good to go.

Next up, I have recently completed a rewrite of my old prose poem Satanic Sonata which I wrote back in the 90s when I lived in Seattle, WA. Inspired by the avant-garde violin piece Universal by Eyvind Kang, I wrote it in 3 “movements”; the first, a prelude incorporating a real life scene I’d witnessed of preschool children running amuck in an Old Burying Ground in Cambridge, MA; the second and third parts describing a fantastic scene featuring devils and doomed souls. I am rather fond of the original, but it just wasn’t up to par with publishing standards, so I rewrote it. I think it is a lot more refined now. I shall be sending it soon to Mr. Joshi over at Spectral Realms for consideration.

Last, but certainly not least, I got a couple of messages this week from editor Edward Stasheff of Pickman’s Press. Apparently, they are putting together a collection of stories set in the imaginary province of Averoigne, for a Clark Ashton Smith tribute. Somehow, they came upon my story The Fell Fete, and they want to include it in the anthology. I asked around on Facebook and I did some research on line and they appear to be legit and I even got an endorsement in regards to their professionalism from one of the authors on their roster. I have agreed, tentatively, to allow them to use it, but I need to review the contract they sent me before I sign over any rights to anything. Their collection Corporate Cthulhu: Lovecraftian Tales of Bureaucratic Nightmare has decent reviews on Amazon.

I am excited, because their payment offer would be the most I have gotten thus far for one of my pieces and it would qualify me for affiliate status in the HWA (Horror Writer’s Association). I am currently only an honorary member.

Cece Harpy

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Back in 2015 I won a statuette of a baby-faced harpy in a trivia contest during the 5th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Birthday Party. Our picture was taken for the Phoenix New Times, then I took her home and placed her on a night table where she has gathered dust for the last few years. I recently decided that both she and my raven statuette, which I have named Quietus, should have a place in my cubicle at work. So I dusted them both off and brought them in.

During a chat with my co-workers I mentioned that I had a pet harpy at my cubicle and that if anyone cared to visit they would be welcome. I even shared the New Times pic so they could see her. Most ignored it but I did get some interesting responses. One co-worker asked if she was created by the artist Gina Denham-Gill. I confessed that I had no idea of her origin since I had won her in a contest. My co-worker shared Ms. Denham-Gill’s etsy page (, and I must say that I see a resemblance in her work.

I was also asked by a few if she had a name. I said that I had not named her as of yet, but was open to suggestions. My co-worker, Savannah came up with Cece, and I thought Cece Harpy had a nice ring to it. Savannah then asked for a photo of her for reference so that she might do a portrait of her. I did one better and brought Cece to her desk. The resultant drawing was much more than I had hoped for!

Cece Harpy by Savannah.

I was so impressed, that I had asked Savannah to take a shot at illustrating my latest chapbook, Phantasmagorie, which shall contain some of my most recent prose poems. She said that she was very interested and so I gave her some print outs of Morbidezza, Rosaire, and Vampire Vigil for starters. I don’t want to say much more so as not to jinx it, but needless to say, I am thrilled and cannot wait to see what she comes up with!