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Update 07/06/2019: Morbidezza: the sanguinary saga continues.

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I have just completed the prose poem Kiss of Life, which is the third installment in the Morbidezza saga. It wraps up loose ends and brings closure to the story of her imprisonment in the tourmaline tower. I may return to her at some point in the future, but I shall endeavor to write about some different genre topics for the foreseeable future. I am particularly interested in doing a voodoo related piece, but I won’t commit to anything just yet.

I am going to send it to Spectral Realms to see if S.T. Joshi will accept it for inclusion in issue #12. Hopefully he hasn’t grown weary of my Venetian Vampiress just yet.

Update: 07/08/2019:

Sent it out over the weekend, after some heavy revisions. Fingers crossed! Now on to the next piece…


Update 04/17/2019: Satanic Sonata to be in Spectral Realms #12

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I got my response from S.T. Joshi today and he has accepted Satanic Sonata for Spectral Realms #12! Now I can rest easy until issue #11 comes out. I always like to stay one issue ahead so I remain a steady contributor. I’ve got some other things coming up, but I’ll wait till I have more information before I mention them here.

Spectral Realms #10 available for order!

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Spectral Realms #10 is now available for order at and will be featuring my prose poems, Morbidezza and Gargoyle. The cover art, Chiron’s Burden – Pleiades Children by Kim Bo Yung, is the one they had intended to use for the previous issue, but for some reason they had to hold off for a bit, which most likely was the cause for the delay in the release of Spectral Realms #9. I think it looks lovely.

Cover art for Spectral Realms #10. [“Chiron’s Burden – Pleiades Children” by Kim Bo Yung]

Update 12/20/2018: Vampire Vigil

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I have just completed and sent out a prose poem to S.T. Joshi at Spectral Realms, which I call Vampire Vigil. It is a companion piece to Morbidezza, describing the implied confrontation at the end of the former vignette. I am very happy with it, although of course as soon as I sent it out I thought of a slew of things I should have included or said differently. Either way, if it is accepted for Spectral Realms #11, I hope readers whom may not have read Morbidezza can still follow the story and enjoy it on it’s own merit.

I have also sent him my prose poem The Golem of Prague, and my Black Hymeneal poem for consideration. He is usually good about getting back to one within a week or so, and I have my fingers crossed that he will like at least one of these pieces. I will of course keep you all updated on the results.

“Gargoyle” to appear in Spectral Realms #10

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I logged into my email this morning to find a response from Mr. Joshi concerning my submission to Spectral Realms of my prose poem Gargoyle. He called it “Splendid”, and said he would like to place it in the 10th issue of the journal. There it shall be in good company with my other prose poem Morbidezza.

Gargoyle began as a response to a lyric in a song from the 1977 TV special Halloween with the New Addams Family. In there they have a line about Gargoyles coming off the walls to frighten you, and I countered that that’s not at all what gargoyles are for, and then I wrote this prose poem. It has changed a bit since I first wrote it sometime betwixt 1990-91, and it was even set to music by my old band The Dark Young, a recording of which may be found on our 1994 eponymously titled debut album. For a listen, go to

The artist who created the logo we used on our album, Felix Rust, also did an illustrated version of the poem, a scan of which is featured below:

Illustrated version of my Gargoyle poem, calligraphy and illustration by Felix Rust.


Update 09/09/2018

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Well it seems that Morbidezza shall be appearing in Spectral Realms #10! S.T. Joshi said of it in his response to my email,

“”Morbidezza” is a superb prose-poem, full of deft use of arcane language–and I’d love to print it in SPECTRAL REALMS #10. Thanks for sending it along!”

I couldn’t be more thrilled! This gives me the courage to continue with my werewolf piece, “Rosaire”.

The Grimoire of the Dark Young

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Now that Black Hymeneal is on the verge of publication, I have begun work on my next release: The Grimoire of the Dark Young. This sinister sounding booklet will feature the words to the poems and lyrics featured in the music of the Dark Young in which I had a hand in writing.

It shall contain brief essays on the book and the band, scans of related artwork, and photos of the band from those halcyon days of yore. The table of contents will run as follows:

01. Tetragramophone

02. My Friend Boris

03. My Love and I

04. Gargoyle

05. Tasty Little Muffins

06. The Silent Sibling

07. Reflections in the Darkness

08. Flower of Evil

09. Thoughts of a Soulless Savior (The Golem of Prague)

10. Femme Fatale

11. The City Never Sleeps

12. Ring-a-Ding Dingy

13. XIII

I will keep you all posted on any updates as things develop.

The Grimorium Iuvenis Obscurum.