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Update: 11/03/2018 Greetings from Krampus

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Got an update from Mr. Kelly on his progress with our Krampus chapbook:

“Cut all pages for etching press art to be inserted into Krampus book today. 500 pieces by hand…quicker than using Cricut cutter. Enough for 50 copies of chapbook. Burning two plates for book tomorrow… rolling out images tomorrow. Started at 6 am this morn…finished with cutting at 6 pm. ( three hour nap after lunch ). Working all day tomorrow on press images. Sunday I will rest…after spider takedown*.

“10 piles of 50 count paper. Going for four different images per each time I roll out with press. 200 images . 1/2 of images needed for insert pages. Might take two days I figure…but it’s time to rock and roll.

10 piles of 50 count paper.

“Will send photos of four plates set up on press. Should be interesting to see how many 4 plate runs I can do in a day. If I get 25…I’ll be happy…

* Shelob, the spider at the Alwun House. I actually helped take it down with Mr. Kelly, Mr. Lyons, and Mr. Dixon the Sunday after Hallowe’en.



Update 10/29/2018: Greetings from Krampus

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This past Saturday I went to my buddy Rand’s house where I was met by our friends Dick Kelly and Baron Dixon. They all had holiday plans for the evening, but I showed up there to talk to Mr. Kelly about the Krampus chapbook we’ve been working on. He told me he had a mock-up of the book to show me. It wasn’t completed, but I could get an idea of what it might look like when done. What he showed me was great. It was basically an objet d’art. Once put together, the initial run of the chapbook will come in a little folder strapped in with a piece of leather or ribbon (the mock-up used string). Each page shall feature either a couplet from my poem Gruss vom Krampus, which for the sake of simplicity will be changed to the English equivalent of Greetings from Krampus or an print illustrating a scene. To illustrate, I fortunately have a few snapshots (see below) so you all can see.

Krampus chapbook mock-up, tied with string.

Krampus chapbook mock-up title page.

Krampus chapbook mock-up: “On the heels of blithe St. Nick comes a fellow dark and wild…”.

Krampus chapbbok mock-up: “Horned and beastly, like Old Nick, searching for a naughty child.”

We have enough materials to run off perhaps 100 or so like this, after which Dick shall give me a copy of the template for me to take to a printer for paper copies. As I said, this is only a mock-up version. There will be some changes made, including the title, but these snapshots should give you all an idea of what it will eventually look like.

Update 10/27/2018

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I realized it’s been a while since my last update so I figured I’d check in. Not much of note going on. I have a few pieces out in genre journal limbo awaiting a verdict of yay or nay. I am awaiting word on my poems The Baleful Beldam, and My Bantam Black Fay, and I just sent out my prose piece Nativity in Black to Weirdbook, which I have revised considerably and taken down from the site to keep from being penalized for conflict of interest.

It will probably be a while before I hear anything about either piece, but I am already getting anxious about the outcome.

Hallowe’en falls on a Wednesday this year and I have no plans. I will most likely go home and watch a horror flick and read a spooky story…much like any other night. This Fall I have too many adult responsibilities to take care of and I have no money to spend on fun stuff. Hopefully 2019 will be a more prosperous year for me.

Later today I am to meet up with my buddy Dick Kelly to see the progress on the Krampus chapbooks. I will of course clue you all in on any developments there.

Update 09/27/2018

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This past weekend I helped celebrate my cousin Jason’s birthday by giving him a little chapbook I created at Kinkos featuring Thalía and Morbidezza, since he is a big vampire aficionado. I was surprised at how easy it was to make and, although not exactly cheap, it wasn’t that expensive either. I think I might use their services to make chapbooks for both The Grimoire of the Dark Young and Black Hymeneal. It’s not quite the look I wanted, but to just get them out into the world as well as fulfill my promise to the people who donated to my cause back in 2014, I think it will work. If those come out okay I may make one for Nativity in Black since my friend, artist Thérèse Lavery, did a lovely illustration for it over the summer.

I am still working with my buddy artist Dick Kelly on a chapbook of my Krampus poem. He has been working diligently on the illustrations and sending me photos of his progress and giving me art samples whenever we meet up. I hope to have it in time for the 2018 holiday season.


Update on Krampus chapbook

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Yesterday morning my buddy Rand Lyons graciously allowed his living room to become a classroom. Our mutual friend, Dick Kelly came over and set up a small work area where he taught me the basics on how to make a print out of and etching. He brought along a wooden box with a UV light where we took a transfer of his original drawing for my proposed Krampus chapbook and burned it onto a copper plate, which we then covered in ink and applied to a paper which we put into a press.

Me rolling ink onto a copper etching plate.

It’s a bit more involved than that, but I don’t know enough about the technical side to get into it. I did make my first print though, which was a little thrilling.

Me, proudly displaying my very own print.

We made several copies of two separate prints, trying out different ink colors and hues, as well as different types of paper.

Close-up of my print.

We settled on a mixture of black and brown to create a sort of sepia tone, which should look very nice on the parchment paper we plan to use for the actual chapbooks. We still need to choose a font for the type and there was talk of possibly even giving some of them leather covers. Obviously, these will be more artful than your usual chapbook, and we may even make copies of individual prints for sale. Our good friend Baron Dixon suggested they might do well at the annual October Monster fest at the Allwun House.We shall see. I will of course keep you all updated as things develop.

Dick was even saying that his daughter’s girlfriend, who is  German may be able to do a translation into Deutsch for us. I would be thrilled if he were able to do so, but I think it might be a bit hard to get past some of the distinctly English aspects of the poem. Perhaps if I explain to him some of the nuance, he can do a prose translation of it. I might do the same for a version in Spanish. Again, I will let you all know as things develop.

Black Hymeneal Update

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Well, after a temporary hiatus, it seems that, with the help of my friends, things are getting back on track with the imminent completion and publication of my book, Black Hymeneal. My buddy Zach has helped me with the page numbering and sorting out the  Table of Contents (for which I still owe him breakfast!). That being done, it was time for my friend Denisse and I to work on the cover images. She picked me up after 7 pm a couple of Sundays ago and we drove to the Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery to see if we might take a picture there, but it was closed. If I am not mistaken their sign said something to the effect that they close at twilight. No specific hour, just twilight. Hmmm. Another note of interest: whilst looking up information about the cemetery online I found a photo of one of the graves which actually bears the name of the ill-fated hero, Anacleto, from my story The Fell Fête! I may have to return sometime during daytime hours and pay my respects.


Moving on, I then suggested we try an Irish pub, for their folksy atmosphere. Obligingly, she drove us back to my neck of the woods to Rosie McCaffrey’s where we had a Black Velvet (Guinness stout and hard cider) and she took an excellent photo of me, which I intend use as my “author photo” for the back of my book. That being done, we still needed to settle on an image for the front cover. Monday morning, during my daily ablutions, I had an epiphany: Denisse once took a photograph, that I have long wanted to use for just such a project, that ties in aesthetically with the content of my book. I asked her permission to use the image, and she graciously gave her consent, but I won’t post it yet, as I don’t want to jinx our endeavors by showing our hand too soon.

In other news, my buddy Dick Kelly has been sending me scans of some of the new artwork he’s come up with for our proposed Krampus chapbook. It looks pretty awesome and I cannot wait to see how it will all go together.

In between all of this, I have decided to stick my toes into the online journal submission pool. Over the last year or two I have sporadically submitted poems and prose pieces to various online journals and contests but to no avail. After a few months demurral I have decided to get back into the fray. I also have selected to submit to sites which are a little more in keeping with the weird poetry vibe I espouse to improve my chances of success.

For starters, I have sent my poem Dimas Akelarre to Literary Hatchet. I made some changes to it however, adding to it the subtitle The Warlock of Navarra to give a hint as to what it is about. I also removed the reference to Nyarlathotep, because it felt like a name-drop, and replaced it with the Great Black He-Goat, which is more appropriate thematically anyway. I also have my eye on the submission date for the 6th issue of The Audient Void. More on all of this as things develop.

Goodbye 2017

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Well,  December is almost over and 2017 has already got one foot out of the door. Unfortunately, it will just be yet another in a sequence of shitty years for me. For starters nothing has changed since my last year end update. Black Hymeneal is still in limbo, waiting to be published. I have revamped the original manuscript, made some changes in the selection of poems, and rewritten the introductions then sent the manuscript to my friend Denisse Montoya who is supposed to help me with the cover art and layout, but I do not have an ETA on that at present.

My buddy Dick Kelly got sidetracked and wasn’t able to complete the Krampus illustrations for our proposed chapbook, but we recently talked and he said he was getting back on it. Again, I am hopeful, but there is no ETA at present.

I have been writing more these days and actually was able to write a prose piece I had conceived of last year then shelved. It is called Nativity in Black and I debuted it at the Space 55 7 Minutes Under the Mistletoe on 12/15/17. I have recently requested a video of my performance which I may post on here once I receive it, if I can figure out how to do that. Perhaps Denisse can help me with that as well. I also have been working fairly regularly on two stories from my Helldorado series, however, what has kept me from completing them in a timely manner is that my tablet shit the bed back in April and I cannot afford to replace it so I have had to do my work at the library where my access is limited and there are multiple distractions and no privacy.

I am still at the caption job and still have yet to make a single friend. I hate some of the calls I have to dictate, most actually, but it pays the bill for now. I still long for the day when I can make my living off of my art.

Speaking of living, I may have to live somewhere else by the end of 2018. My landlords are raising the rent so I have renewed my lease for the last time then my roomie and I are parting ways. So now my future living situation is uncertain.

Without getting into the boring details, my personal life hasn’t changed either. I had hoped sometime in my 50th year things would look up for me in that department, but no such luck so far. Perhaps it’s just as well. If I should decide to leave Arizona at the end of 2018 I will only have to worry about myself and no one else.

If I had to live in AZ for the rest of my life, I had hoped to make a name for myself writing Southwestern Gothic Horror, with a Latin bent, but I would gladly give that up if I can leave the Southwest all together.  I am so unhappy here. I would love to return to my beloved New England, but I don’t think I can afford that. I also don’t relish being so far away from my family if anything happens. Perhaps the Northwest would work. I will have to weigh my options very soon.