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Update 08/09/2019: Errant Jenny and Morbidezza

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Well, I have completed my tale of the fell fairy, which I intend to call Errant Jenny. I added a minor plot twist yesterday that seems very satisfying and I think adds an extra dimension of doom to the tale. I still have to go back and proof read it for grammar and technical stuff, but the tale is completed. Once it is done I may submit it to The Audient Void and see if Mr. Baird likes it. If not, I may put it in my Phantasmagory chapbook.

Speaking of that, I have decided to completely revamp the contents of it, essentially taking out everything I had intended for it initially and starting a new collection of dark fairy tales called Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark. It will feature the following tales:

I. The Sanguinary Saga of Morbidezza Vespertilio, Vampiress


2. Vampire Vigil

3. Kiss of Life

II. A Witch and a Werewolf

4.The Baleful Beldam

5. Rosaire, Master of Wolves

I still intend to do a chapbook called Phantasmagory, for which I have already selected a couple of titles, but the tales I pulled for Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark felt more like dark fairy tales to me and belonged in a different type of collection.

I also have planned a third compilation of devilish tales and poems tentatively titled Diablerie. More on that as things develop.


Update 04/23/2019: Averoigne Legacy

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I have signed and mailed out a contract to editor Edward Stasheff allowing my story The Fell Fête to be included in the anthology Averoigne Legacy by Pickman’s Press. I am very excited and am anxious to see what it will end up looking like. I had sent out the story a few years ago to an editor out of the UK, for another Clark Ashton Smith tribute, but they never got back to me about it so I assume either the book fell through or they were not interested. The version I am sending to Pickman’s Press, however, is slightly altered from that draft anyway. Honestly, I had tried showing it to other people and no one seemed interested. I even asked my good friend Galad to look at it and let me know his thoughts on it; he was kind in his assessment, but seemed unimpressed, so I dismissed it as a failure and never bothered to take it down with the rest of my poems and tales I had hopes of getting published. Presumably, that is how Pickman’s Press found it; O Fortuna…  I will of course keep you all posted on any updates.

I have also seen some of Savannah’s preliminary sketches for Morbidezza and Rosaire and so far so good!

Update 03/01/2019: Rosaire

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I heard back from Hector Laureano and he seems to be a very nice fellow, and I shall be sending him my updated edit of Rosaire tomorrow when I go through my messages again*. He said it’ll take a while before the Horror Harvest comes out, but when it does he promised a contributor copy. Still no word from Miss Ashley though. I hope I have not overstepped my bounds somehow by asking her to do this for me.+

I got a very nice message from author/poet Scott J. Couturier o how much he enjoyed reading my contributions to Spectral Realms #10. He singled out Morbidezza as his favorite of the two and called it “a fantastic piece of dark & decadent dreaming…”


*Updated edit sent as of 03/02/2019

+She messaged me on FB apologizing for the delayed response, citing other commitments, and said she would take a look at Moribond when she has a chance.


Update 02/26/2019: Spectral Realms contributor copy / A home for Rosaire?

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Last night I came home to find the Spectral Realms #10 in my mailbox, and it is beautiful! The cover really looks amazing in person, so to speak. The blue is gorgeous and the image thereon is intriguing to say the least. I have read a few of the poems, mostly by my friends and acquaintances, and I am really enjoying what I’ve seen thus far. I will give a more in depth critique once I read it all the way through.

Also waiting for me was an email from S.T. Joshi stating that he may have found a home for Rosaire! A friend of his, Hector Laureano is the name–I think, is starting a new magazine to be called Horror Harvest; anyway, Mr. Joshi sent him my prose poem and he wants to include it in his 1st issue! I wrote to Mr. Laureano and told him I’d be interested with some minor caveats. We’ll see what he says.

Update 02/25/2019: Change of plans / Phantasmagorical Promenade

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Well, I have changed my plans since my last update and decided to ask Miss Ashley to help me with Moribond, instead of bothering Mr. Opperman. I figure, since I already have a rapport with her, it would be best to try her first. She has yet to respond, but it has only been a couple of days and she is a busy lady after all. I’ll let you all know if and when she does.

After posting about my plans with Rosaire, I felt as if I was name dropping by mentioning Mr. Coffman and realized that there really was no reason to involve a 3rd party anyway, so I just wrote to Necronomicon Press directly. Hopefully whomever gets my query (presumably Necronomicon Press founder Marc A. Michaud) will be able to tell me whether they’re interested and, if so, how to submit my little story to Eldritch Tales editor Robert M. Price.*

Speaking of editors, Duane Pesice posted the table of contents for The Phantasmagorical Promenade, and my little vignette, Night Hag, is listed somewhere in the middle. So now it is official! Once it becomes available I will list it in my bibliography on here.

*03/13/2019: I never did hear back from Necronomicon Press. To be fair, I may not have contacted them through the proper channels.

Update 02/20/2019: Response on Rosaire and Moribond

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Last night I sent a revised copy of The Baleful Beldam to S.T. Joshi, with the adjustments he suggested in his last email to me. I also asked him if he’d had a chance to read Rosaire yet. He responded a few hours later thanking me for sending …Beldam, and said that he did indeed read Rosaire and although it was too lengthy for inclusion in Spectral Realms, he did find it to be a “clever pastiche” of Clark Ashton Smith. He went on to say, however, that because of this it might be a tough sell, and he wasn’t sure who might publish it. I might have to publish my little Phantasmagory chapbook sooner than later, if I want it to be seen.

Phantasmagory is the new title I have decided upon for my planned chapbook of prose vignettes that will feature such titles as Morbidezza, Vampire Vigil, Rosaire, and Nativity in Black. I have considered adding other pieces, most notably Night Hag and In My Time of Dying, but I may save those for something else. I also have a couple older pieces I’d like to spruce up and perhaps include, like Satanic Sonata and the Jenny Greenteeth segment of my Felo-de-se.

I also got a response from Chelsea Arrington on Moribond. She didn’t say much other than she liked it and relished it gruesomeness, but noted that I needed to clean up the beats. This is the same issue Ashley Dioses found with The Baleful Beldam when she was helping me with that one. I seem to have trouble with that a lot it seems. Perhaps I am not cut out for verse. I may just ask K.A. Opperman to take a look at it for a second opinion because, out of my few poet acquaintances, he is a little more conversant in the ways of prosody.

Update 02/22/2019:

I’m thinking I might try sending Rosaire to Eldritch Tales from Necronomicon Press. My acquaintance Frank Coffman recently had his poem Terror at Twilight published in the 3rd issue of the rebooted series, so I’ll ask him how submissions work. They publish original poems and stories of the weird variety, especially stuff with a mythos bent. Perhaps editor Robert M. Price will like my little Averoigne tale.

Eldritch Tales #3 (Robert M. Price ed., Necronomicon Press) which contains the poem Terror at Twilight by Frank Coffman.

Brief mention in blurb for Spectral Realms #10!

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Hippocampus Press has finally gotten caught up with their blurbs for the latest issues of Spectral Realms, and I am mentioned, albeit in passing, in the blurb for #10!

‘The tenth issue of Spectral Realms demonstrates that this journal of weird poetry is going strong as it completes its fifth year of publication. Once again, this issue features the work of many of the leading voices in contemporary weird verse: Wade German, Adam Bolivar, Christina Sng, Frank Coffman, Ann K. Schwader, Chad Hensley, Thomas Tyrrell, and Ian Futter. Manuel Arenas, Liam Garriock, David Barker, and others provide vivid prose-poems. Jeff Hall’s “In the Garden of Thasaidon” is a tribute to Clark Ashton Smith, while Manuel Pérez-Campos’s “The Mirror of Arkham Woe” draws inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour out of Space.”’

I have two pieces in the next issue and if Rosaire is accepted, I may have one in #12, but if I want to keep seeing my name mentioned in the blurbs, I have to keep up the pace and consistently send them good pieces to publish. So, I need to get writing!

Logo for Spectral Realms from Hippocampus Press.