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Update 06/21/2020: Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there! I am putting in a little overtime at work to make up for the time I missed earlier this week when I went to the dentist, but then I am going to visit my Dad. We will observe social distancing, and I shall wear a mask. I will only stay long enough for a cup of coffee and to wish him a happy, then I am off.

On another note, I submitted a revised edit of my story Errant Jenny to Dark Corners Zine. I wasn’t aware of it till I saw Scott J. Couturier post about his story appearing in issue #4 and he shared pics of the magazine and it looked very cool. They also gave him some cool swag to go with his contributor copy. I think he got an enamel pin and some other nifty stuff. We’ll see what they have to say. This is the second time I’ve submitted this tale, the first was to Audient Void but they passed on it, so fingers crossed!

Update 06/242020:

I got to see my folks and we had a lovely time catching up but, even though we all wore masks and I tried to keep a safe distance at all times, I still had a nagging feeling that my presence there was a danger to them. I don’t think I will feel entirely safe with them or any of my more vulnerable loved ones until a vaccine is available.

Update 02/27/2020: Dark Fairies, Horrorticulture and Spectral Realms #13

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This morning I received the good news from S.T. Joshi that my little bit of Horrorticulture verse, Hell-Flower, has finally been accepted for the esteemed pages of Spectral Realms. What is Horrorticulture you ask? Well, that is an arch phrase I coined long ago for my poem Flower of Evil that mixed horror and horticulture, and I have used it as a designation for like poems and prose ever since.

I wrote Hell-Flower a few years ago, maybe somewhere around 2014-15, and had shown it around to friends with mixed reviews. I sent Mr. Joshi the poem after some brief revisions but he was not impressed with it at the time. In fact, I was taken aback by his demurral, as I thought it a good poem which even bore the enthusiastic approval of my fellow weird poet Scott J. Couturier. Defeated, I shelved it for a while, but pulled it out again when I sent some poems to Frank Coffman for recommendations on how to improve them. I applied his suggestions and resubmitted it to Spectral Realms with the positive end result.

Mr. Joshi went on to say that since this is the 2nd of my poems slated for inclusion in issue #13, I will be allowed one more short poem for that issue, totaling three in all. However, I’ll have to look around for something else to send him.

This past week I also got news that my short story Errant Jenny, about a dark fairy, was rejected by The Audient Void. Although this is about the 4th time in a row they have declined to accept my work, I am not going to give up on submitting to them, as it is a quality publication and the apogee in desktop publishing for dark fantasy fiction. Even so, it is disheartening, as I thought my dark fairy tale was a good story as well as unique.  I am going to revisit that tale and perhaps submit it somewhere else. I also am considering getting in touch with Hector Laureano to see if he is still going to use Rosaire for his Horror Harvest. He has had it for a year and has not published it yet. If he releases it, I may submit that to Mr. Obadiah Baird for consideration.

Update 08/09/2019: Errant Jenny and Morbidezza

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Well, I have completed my tale of the fell fairy, which I intend to call Errant Jenny. I added a minor plot twist yesterday that seems very satisfying and I think adds an extra dimension of doom to the tale. I still have to go back and proof read it for grammar and technical stuff, but the tale is completed. Once it is done I may submit it to The Audient Void and see if Mr. Baird likes it. If not, I may put it in my Phantasmagory chapbook.

Speaking of that, I have decided to completely revamp the contents of it, essentially taking out everything I had intended for it initially and starting a new collection of dark fairy tales called Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark. It will feature the following tales:

I. The Sanguinary Saga of Morbidezza Vespertilio, Vampiress


2. Vampire Vigil

3. Kiss of Life

II. A Witch and a Werewolf

4.The Baleful Beldam

5. Rosaire, Master of Wolves

I still intend to do a chapbook called Phantasmagory, for which I have already selected a couple of titles, but the tales I pulled for Morbidezza & Other Denizens of the Dark felt more like dark fairy tales to me and belonged in a different type of collection.

I also have planned a third compilation of devilish tales and poems tentatively titled Diablerie. More on that as things develop.


Update 08/07/2019: Fell fairies and the antichrist.

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Well, I have heard back from both Scott Couturier and Obadiah Baird. Mr. Couturier had some constructive things to say about my fell fairy story, which he found “chilling”, and gave me some helpful ideas for cleaning up the text, which I shall definitely take into consideration when inserting my own recent plot changes. He also graciously offered to take a look at other items in the future should I need a second opinion.

Mr. Baird said he enjoyed Nativity in Black, but ultimately passed on it to allow for something a little more suited for his purpose (my wording). He did, however, say that he thought me a talented writer and encouraged future submissions of my work to The Audient Void. Perhaps I shall send him my fairy story once I beat it into shape.

In other news, this morning over breakfast I came up with a plot line for a minor spin off tale from my Burning Ember Mission of Helldorado. More on that as it develops. I have a half finished sequel which would fall in between these two tales, but it is proving to be of a bit more complexity and length than I had anticipated, so it is in limbo at present. I have been considering putting out The Burning Ember Mission… as a chapbook, just to get it out into the world. At 16 pages, it’s long enough, I think. More on that as well when I have details.

Update 05/16/2019: Nativity in Black

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Yesterday I reread the revised draft of Nativity in Black and made a few minor alterations to make it a tad less obscure for the average reader. Later, at the library, I sent it out again; this time to The Audient Void, for their upcoming 8th issue. In the email I explained to editor Obadiah Baird what my intention was with the piece, as it starts off sounding a bit like a thinly veiled political rant, but this is only a mirroring of the analogous passage in the original nativity story. It is basically a dark satire/phantasmagoria after that. I also asked that, were he to decide to publish it, he would leave in the bookend bible quotes from Revelations which open and close it as they set the tone and cap off the bleak denouement.

Cover art for The Audient Void #7 by Dan Sauer.

I hope he likes it and decides to publish it. What would be fabulous is if he got artist Dan Sauer to do an illustration for it, but that might be hoping for too much. I’ll just be glad to finally make it into this lovely publication.

Update 12/29/2018: Close, but no cigar

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Got a friendly rejection notice from The Audient Void for The Baleful Beldam. Like Miss Ashley before him, Mr. Baird said he liked it enough to make the first round of cuts, but he dropped it in the end. Perhaps my prose poetry will fair better with him. I may try sending him Rosaire when submissions come up for issue #8.

In the interim, I may submit my witch poem to Spectral Realms, but not yet, since Mr. Joshi already has three pieces from me to consider.

New cover art for Spectral Realms #9

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I was checking up on Spectral Realms #9 to see what the latest info was on it’s availability, as it seemed to be in limbo for a while. Apparently, it has new cover art by none other than Dan Sauer, of The Audient Void, one of my favorite current genre artists! The new cover (featured below) is a much more appropriate integument for my vampire poem, Thalía, than the provisionary cover they had before. At present it seems to be sold out, but hopefully Hippocampus pulled contributor copies as neither I nor any of my fellow contributors have received one yet.

In retrospect, this would have been perfect artwork for the next issue, which shall feature both my Gargoyle poem and Morbidezza. Especially since the back cover features giant bats (also mentioned in Thalía by the way) and a tower house, both of which feature in Morbidezza.

Cover art for Spectral Realms #9 (cover by Daniel V. Sauer)

Update 09/25/2018

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This morning, I logged on briefly to my email to find a message from Ashley Dioses saying that although it made it to the 2nd round, The Baleful Beldam did not make it to the final round for the Witch issue of Eye To the Telescope. She did however suggest that I send it on to Obediah Baird at The Audient Void and tell him she sent me. I did as she said and thanked her for her help. If Mr. Baird doesn’t take it, perhaps S.T. Joshi will accept it for Spectral Realms.

Coffins: The Vampire Archives, Volume 3 [2010, Vintage Crime/Black Lizard]

In other news, I stumbled across my copy of Coffins: The Vampire Archives, Volume 3 in my room and decided to peruse the pages. I found an M.R. James tale I hadn’t read before called Wailing Well. Like Count Magnus, it contains a fiend (or in this case fiends) which are vaguely vampiric in nature. Although I wouldn’t count it among his very best works (which is probably why I hadn’t come across it before) it was definitely a creepy fun read and it was nice to see something new (to me at least) by the master of the modern English ghost story.

Wailing Well [Frontispiece, number 137 of 157 copies, Stanford Dingley, The Mill House Press, 1928]

After reading the James story, I decided to dive into Edgar Allan Poe’s Liegia, which I hadn’t read in quite some time. About half way through it dawned on me that my Morbidezza is heavily influenced by Poe. I know this should come as no surprise, as Ol’ Edgar’s shadow looms largely over my creative output, but when I wrote Morbidezza I was only consciously thinking of the old accounts I’d read in Montague Summers’ series of books on historical vampirism and the earlier literary vampire tales like Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla or Wake Not the Dead by Ernst Raupach, but it has all the elements of a classic Poe tale: a historical setting with a moribund mistress, a besotted suitor, and implied necrophilia, all told in a little over 700 words in a baroque style using archaic language and arcane references. How I did not see it before, I don’t know. Either way, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written thus far and I cannot wait to see the reaction from the Spectral Realms readership when issue #10 becomes available in March.

Update 07/17/2018

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With the rejection of my poem Black Hymeneal by The Audient Void, I think it is time for me to rethink my strategy here; I need to go back and hone my craft. I am going to take the rest of 2018 to study prosody and see if I can master at least a few poetic forms before attempting to submit anything else to the genre poetry journals. I still hope to privately publish some of my older pieces, but I am not going to bother submitting any of them to proper journals or magazines. I also have a few outstanding pieces, mostly stories, that I am awaiting some response on, but I must admit that my hopes aren’t high. I will of course keep you all informed of any developments.


Update 06/06/2018

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I have had a lot of stuff going on over the last month or so and many of my previous plans and aspirations have been put on hold till further notice. My friend Denisse, who was helping me put together Black Hymeneal has had some personal concerns which demand her time and attention so the work she was doing for me has been put indefinitely on hold, which may work out for me in the end since it has been suggested to me by some friends in the field that publishing a book before one has an audience to sell it to may be an unsound investment.

So, instead, I have been focusing on getting my work published. At present, there are five publications which I am waiting to hear back from. I have sent poems to The Audient Void, Vastarien, and Mirror Dance for consideration and I have also sent The Fell Fete to a UK publisher which is putting together a book in tribute to Clark Ashton Smith, and just last night I sent Gothilocks to the magazine Test Patterns: Creature Feature for their next issue. I’m not sure that I understood their requirements and may have just made a futile submission, but we’ll see what Fate has in store for me in that regard.

I have been thinking that I want to do some video recitals of my poetry for a proposed Youtube channel. In the interim, I have contacted my good friend Rand to see if he knows anyone who can perhaps shoot a video of a brief recital to post on here. I’d like it to be up close and personal, as if I were reading directly to the viewer and maybe even have a moody setting. I might even dress up a bit for it. We’ll see what we can pull off.

Update 6/14/2018:

Vastarien sent a very polite rejection notice recently for Moribond. I was surprised, since they emphasized their interest in poetry of the Park Barnitz persuasion, and Moribond is definitely within that charnel house genre, but I think my little poem may have less to do with the artful poesy of that doomed scribe and more to do with lurid Gothic broadside ballads. Either way, they didn’t take it.