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IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge 2019

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Aside from being a very talented artist, my buddy Baron Dixon is a independent filmmaker. Baron has acted in independent film vignettes by other filmmakers and he has a pet project, Tyrannovision, a Sci-Fi web-series in which he plays multiple characters. For more info on that check out his site at  Anyway, he is currently working on a project for the IFP Phoenix Breakout Challenge. Participants must create a 6 minute film (1 minute of it credits) using certain props, shots and a specific line of dialog and they can only start work within a certain time frame, so it is really on the fly. After a few seemingly major setbacks and hiccups (including a last minute location change) Baron was able to assemble a good crew of actors and contributors and this weekend he filmed the basic scenes for his entry Wasteland, a dystopian, action comedy (think of Mad Max meets The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and you’ll get the idea). Rand Lyons and Dick Kelly helped put together the costumes and props as well as acting multiple parts and I was even given the part of a tribal shaman, which was a blast to play. There isn’t much about the challenge on the IFP Phoenix website (, and we are not allowed to share any photos or details until the movie debuts, but when I have more info and permission to share pics, I will, because Rand took some amazing photos that I am chomping at the bit to post!

Update: 11/03/2018 Greetings from Krampus

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Got an update from Mr. Kelly on his progress with our Krampus chapbook:

“Cut all pages for etching press art to be inserted into Krampus book today. 500 pieces by hand…quicker than using Cricut cutter. Enough for 50 copies of chapbook. Burning two plates for book tomorrow… rolling out images tomorrow. Started at 6 am this morn…finished with cutting at 6 pm. ( three hour nap after lunch ). Working all day tomorrow on press images. Sunday I will rest…after spider takedown*.

“10 piles of 50 count paper. Going for four different images per each time I roll out with press. 200 images . 1/2 of images needed for insert pages. Might take two days I figure…but it’s time to rock and roll.

10 piles of 50 count paper.

“Will send photos of four plates set up on press. Should be interesting to see how many 4 plate runs I can do in a day. If I get 25…I’ll be happy…

* Shelob, the spider at the Alwun House. I actually helped take it down with Mr. Kelly, Mr. Lyons, and Mr. Dixon the Sunday after Hallowe’en.


Update 06/06/2018

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I have had a lot of stuff going on over the last month or so and many of my previous plans and aspirations have been put on hold till further notice. My friend Denisse, who was helping me put together Black Hymeneal has had some personal concerns which demand her time and attention so the work she was doing for me has been put indefinitely on hold, which may work out for me in the end since it has been suggested to me by some friends in the field that publishing a book before one has an audience to sell it to may be an unsound investment.

So, instead, I have been focusing on getting my work published. At present, there are five publications which I am waiting to hear back from. I have sent poems to The Audient Void, Vastarien, and Mirror Dance for consideration and I have also sent The Fell Fete to a UK publisher which is putting together a book in tribute to Clark Ashton Smith, and just last night I sent Gothilocks to the magazine Test Patterns: Creature Feature for their next issue. I’m not sure that I understood their requirements and may have just made a futile submission, but we’ll see what Fate has in store for me in that regard.

I have been thinking that I want to do some video recitals of my poetry for a proposed Youtube channel. In the interim, I have contacted my good friend Rand to see if he knows anyone who can perhaps shoot a video of a brief recital to post on here. I’d like it to be up close and personal, as if I were reading directly to the viewer and maybe even have a moody setting. I might even dress up a bit for it. We’ll see what we can pull off.

Update 6/14/2018:

Vastarien sent a very polite rejection notice recently for Moribond. I was surprised, since they emphasized their interest in poetry of the Park Barnitz persuasion, and Moribond is definitely within that charnel house genre, but I think my little poem may have less to do with the artful poesy of that doomed scribe and more to do with lurid Gothic broadside ballads. Either way, they didn’t take it.

Update on Krampus chapbook

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Yesterday morning my buddy Rand Lyons graciously allowed his living room to become a classroom. Our mutual friend, Dick Kelly came over and set up a small work area where he taught me the basics on how to make a print out of and etching. He brought along a wooden box with a UV light where we took a transfer of his original drawing for my proposed Krampus chapbook and burned it onto a copper plate, which we then covered in ink and applied to a paper which we put into a press.

Me rolling ink onto a copper etching plate.

It’s a bit more involved than that, but I don’t know enough about the technical side to get into it. I did make my first print though, which was a little thrilling.

Me, proudly displaying my very own print.

We made several copies of two separate prints, trying out different ink colors and hues, as well as different types of paper.

Close-up of my print.

We settled on a mixture of black and brown to create a sort of sepia tone, which should look very nice on the parchment paper we plan to use for the actual chapbooks. We still need to choose a font for the type and there was talk of possibly even giving some of them leather covers. Obviously, these will be more artful than your usual chapbook, and we may even make copies of individual prints for sale. Our good friend Baron Dixon suggested they might do well at the annual October Monster fest at the Allwun House.We shall see. I will of course keep you all updated as things develop.

Dick was even saying that his daughter’s girlfriend, who is  German may be able to do a translation into Deutsch for us. I would be thrilled if he were able to do so, but I think it might be a bit hard to get past some of the distinctly English aspects of the poem. Perhaps if I explain to him some of the nuance, he can do a prose translation of it. I might do the same for a version in Spanish. Again, I will let you all know as things develop.