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Update 02/12/2019: Revising Moribond

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I just basically rewrote one of my older poems, Moribond, in between calls at work. It’s gotten rejected at least once previously (by Vastarien, I believe it was) and has gotten lukewarm response when I posted it Facebook in the past, so I figured I’d take a critical look to see what they saw that wasn’t up to par for publication. The biggest problem I saw with it was that, syllabically speaking, it was all over the map. There were lines ranging from 9-12 syllables which made it very awkward and clunky. How I missed that before, I don’t know.

Anyway, I spent this afternoon trying to make the lines of a uniform length and choosing words that would also help it flow better. I think I succeeded in doing so without changing the poem so much that it is unrecognizable from the original version. Now I may show it to someone to see what they think before I send it out again. I wish I had an editor so I could have a second set of eyes looking out for this stuff before I submit my work to these publications. If all goes well with this piece I may try to revise some of my other poems and prose. I really would love  to get my hands on my old prose piece Satanic Sonata, but at the moment it only exists in a handwritten entry in my old poetry journal, which is packed away in storage at the moment.

Update 02/14/2019:

My Facebook friend, poetess Chelsea Arrington, has agreed to take a second look at Moribond. I’ll let you all know what comments or criticisms she may have, if any.


Update 06/06/2018

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I have had a lot of stuff going on over the last month or so and many of my previous plans and aspirations have been put on hold till further notice. My friend Denisse, who was helping me put together Black Hymeneal has had some personal concerns which demand her time and attention so the work she was doing for me has been put indefinitely on hold, which may work out for me in the end since it has been suggested to me by some friends in the field that publishing a book before one has an audience to sell it to may be an unsound investment.

So, instead, I have been focusing on getting my work published. At present, there are five publications which I am waiting to hear back from. I have sent poems to The Audient Void, Vastarien, and Mirror Dance for consideration and I have also sent The Fell Fete to a UK publisher which is putting together a book in tribute to Clark Ashton Smith, and just last night I sent Gothilocks to the magazine Test Patterns: Creature Feature for their next issue. I’m not sure that I understood their requirements and may have just made a futile submission, but we’ll see what Fate has in store for me in that regard.

I have been thinking that I want to do some video recitals of my poetry for a proposed Youtube channel. In the interim, I have contacted my good friend Rand to see if he knows anyone who can perhaps shoot a video of a brief recital to post on here. I’d like it to be up close and personal, as if I were reading directly to the viewer and maybe even have a moody setting. I might even dress up a bit for it. We’ll see what we can pull off.

Update 6/14/2018:

Vastarien sent a very polite rejection notice recently for Moribond. I was surprised, since they emphasized their interest in poetry of the Park Barnitz persuasion, and Moribond is definitely within that charnel house genre, but I think my little poem may have less to do with the artful poesy of that doomed scribe and more to do with lurid Gothic broadside ballads. Either way, they didn’t take it.