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The Greenwood Manse Poetry Cycle

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Back in the 1990’s I wrote a couple of Gothic Horror poems about a family, over the span of a few generations, focusing on strong female characters and told from the point of view of an unnamed young woman in Victorian times. The name “Greenwood” is a reference to the street I used to live on in Seattle, and the manse is the place where all of the action in the cycle takes place. In “The Bed”, the young woman tells a tale of how she liked to stay at her grandmama’s house (the aforementioned manse) and sleep in the ebony posted bed of her great aunt Lucretia, who was haunted by a dead lover. In the sequel, “Luvian’s Pelt”, she tells the tale of her great uncle Luvian who is brought to his doom by his sorceress wife. There is a third poem telling a tale from when her grandmama was a girl, but it remains unfinished. Perhaps some day I shall complete it and create a chapbook featuring all three poems.

In October of 2014, my friend Hydroxia read the two completed poems at Women Wielding Words in the Alley. She looked lovely and did an awesome job. If and whenever I finish this last poem I hope to have her read it as well. For more on that event, see here:

For the poem “The Bed”, go here:

For the poem “Luvian’s Pelt”, go here:

Words in the Alley 02-04-14

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Earlier this month I did a feature recital for the Words in the Alley open mic at A Shot of Java, in Glendale. Usually, it starts at around 7 PM with the open mic, then after an hour or so the featured reader comes on and does their thing for 30-45 minutes. I was fortunate enough to be the reader this month (thank you MC Tristan Marshell) and had a swell time. The staff at A Shot of Java are always friendly and their coffee is decent. Many of my associates were there to read and to listen and it made me feel at home. I even brought my cousin Jason along for moral support and he had a good time as well.

I read a selection of pieces ranging from the obscure to my most recent prose piece. I have listed below the poems and vignettes I read I have also included a photo of me reading my Black Light Verse poem, “Manqueller Manque”. There is a video of this (the picture is a still from the video) taken by my friend Heather Smith-Gearns which I shall post if I ever figure out how to transfer it to my blog.

1. The Toilette of Azraelle: my latest prose piece which is posted here in an earlier entry

2. Cumulocirrus Phantasmagoria: an old piece of mine which I haven’t read in public since the 90’s describing the panoply of images I saw in the clouds outside my window a plane ride to Florida.

3. Ode to Stout: like it says, a tribute to stout ale

4. Witch’s Tit: I got one–true story

5. Manqueller Manque: a would-be killer fantasizes about murder

6. Luvian’s Pelt: a Victorian werewolf story in couplets

7. Skull in an Ice Cream Cone: Comes in 13 flavors including disabusal, despair and doom

8. Thalia smacks her lips and sighs…: a vampire muses on her fate in terza rima

9. Black Hymeneal: my love song for Azraelle

Me @ Words in the Alley (A Shot of Java,in Glendale) reading

Me @ Words in the Alley (A Shot of Java, in Glendale) reading “Manqueller Manque”.