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Black Hymeneal Update

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Well, after a temporary hiatus, it seems that, with the help of my friends, things are getting back on track with the imminent completion and publication of my book, Black Hymeneal. My buddy Zach has helped me with the page numbering and sorting out the  Table of Contents (for which I still owe him breakfast!). That being done, it was time for my friend Denisse and I to work on the cover images. She picked me up after 7 pm a couple of Sundays ago and we drove to the Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery to see if we might take a picture there, but it was closed. If I am not mistaken their sign said something to the effect that they close at twilight. No specific hour, just twilight. Hmmm. Another note of interest: whilst looking up information about the cemetery online I found a photo of one of the graves which actually bears the name of the ill-fated hero, Anacleto, from my story The Fell Fête! I may have to return sometime during daytime hours and pay my respects.


Moving on, I then suggested we try an Irish pub, for their folksy atmosphere. Obligingly, she drove us back to my neck of the woods to Rosie McCaffrey’s where we had a Black Velvet (Guinness stout and hard cider) and she took an excellent photo of me, which I intend use as my “author photo” for the back of my book. That being done, we still needed to settle on an image for the front cover. Monday morning, during my daily ablutions, I had an epiphany: Denisse once took a photograph, that I have long wanted to use for just such a project, that ties in aesthetically with the content of my book. I asked her permission to use the image, and she graciously gave her consent, but I won’t post it yet, as I don’t want to jinx our endeavors by showing our hand too soon.

In other news, my buddy Dick Kelly has been sending me scans of some of the new artwork he’s come up with for our proposed Krampus chapbook. It looks pretty awesome and I cannot wait to see how it will all go together.

In between all of this, I have decided to stick my toes into the online journal submission pool. Over the last year or two I have sporadically submitted poems and prose pieces to various online journals and contests but to no avail. After a few months demurral I have decided to get back into the fray. I also have selected to submit to sites which are a little more in keeping with the weird poetry vibe I espouse to improve my chances of success.

For starters, I have sent my poem Dimas Akelarre to Literary Hatchet. I made some changes to it however, adding to it the subtitle The Warlock of Navarra to give a hint as to what it is about. I also removed the reference to Nyarlathotep, because it felt like a name-drop, and replaced it with the Great Black He-Goat, which is more appropriate thematically anyway. I also have my eye on the submission date for the 6th issue of The Audient Void. More on all of this as things develop.


“The Killing Heart” by Zachary Strupp

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Believe it or not, I have friends. Friends who not only tolerate my creepy inclinations, but share them as well. Yes, and we’re coming to get you…LOL! No, not really, mostly we stay at home to watch Horror movies, eat carbs, and drink beer. Some of my friends are writers like me. I know a few even, who have been published, like my buddy Zach. Zach has published a novel called “Eden”, which is a heart-wrenching tale about a transgender woman trying to find acceptance in the midst of her change. It’s actually a lot lighter than you might think and is actually hard to put down. It’s goes to uncomfortable places, but it’s got laughs and it’s got heart. Which brings us to his latest book, the Killing Heart”.

“The Killing Heart” by Zachary Strupp (2017, Create Space).

Jeffrey Dale is a mess, he spends his days either blacking out or  in a drunken stupor which is broken up by  visions of his dead wife and occasional visits from his cute neighbor and the resident stoner.
One day a new neighbor comes a-knocking, and she is mysterious and very hot, but there is something not right about this woman and soon Jeffrey has a hard time telling reality from fantasy. When bodies start turning up evidence seems to lead to him and all hell breaks loose. Did he commit these horrendous crimes? Is this sexy stranger across the hall  whom she pretends to be? Jeffrey must find out before he gets fingered for these murders.
I don’t want to say much else because it is a short book, more like a novella and I do not wish to give everything away. This is a supernatural thriller which will leave you guessing till the final reveal.
Zachary published this novella a few years back, but has since gone back and re-written it, switching the tense. As one might expect from a self-publishing product, there are a few typos and there are a few instances where he missed the tense switch-over. Even so, the story is gripping and the dialog snappy.
The current cover art is appropriately intense and the book is bound well. No worries about cheap bindings that fall apart.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to read, do yourself a favor and pick it up on, where it is also available for Kindle.